styling, concept & photography: luna-helena vuurman 

special thanks to de voedselbank West-Friesland


het voedselboek

fictitious concept for de voedselbank West-Friesland


shame is one of the biggest problems the food banks are struggeling with. it prevents people from coming and using the help they need and deserve.

during my study at academie Artemis I used this project to create a new image concept that inspires people to feel less ashamed to ask for help. by creating a different image of the 'voedselbank' especially for the people who are not in need for food support. 

I developed het voedselboek for the voedselbank West-Frieslandhet voedselboek is a small recipe book, in cooperation with customers of the food bank. they share their personal stories and their favorite recipes.  in this book they are presented as normal human beings, just like you and me. they show that needing help from a food bank doesn't make you a different or minor person. and that you can make healthy, tasty and delicious food with products that come from the food bank!